the manding collection

It’s a little complicated, but we will explain as best we can.

Two things you need to know: First, the word Bògòlanfini in the Bambara language is a composition of three words; Bogo, meaning “earth” or “mud,” Lan, meaning “with” and Fini, meaning “cloth.” The word directly translates as “Earth” or “Mud With Cloth” hence the fabric’s more common name, “Mud Cloth.” Mudcloth is a rich, durable, artisanal cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud—a process that dates back to the 12th century.

Now that we’ve introduced mudcloth, it brings us to our second point: the MANDING people. The Manding people live primarily in Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea and other West African countries. The MANDING are known for their beautiful tradition of designing Bògòlanfini (mud cloth) fabric.

With the premiere IVORY B. BAG collection, MANDING, Priscilla B. elegantly highlights the beauty and durability and universal chicness of the Bògòlanfini or Bogolan fabric. Exuding a modern African sophistication, the MANDING collection, named after the Manding or Mandingo Tribe (direct descendants of the Malian Empire of Mali West Africa), is made of this rich textile and other African-crafted materials such as leather and cotton. The many textures celebrate the continent in a new way while adding a new kind of staple piece to the woman-on-the-go’s wardrobe. 

The MANDING Collection consists of four uniquely designed handbags of varying sizes from the Zoblazo bag, a dainty clutch purse, to the Bamako bag, a weekender.